From a vision
to a mission

Supporting and simplifying the organizational work of cities and municipalities with the help of computer-aided systems was the idea that has inspired and driven our actions every day for almost 40 years.

In our early days still working as a regional IT service provider for Styrian communities, in the early 90s already as a pioneering municipal software provider for Burgenland, Carinthia and Styria.

But then, with the founding of Comm-Unity EDV GmbH in 2001, things went blow to blow. Global digitization picked up speed and with it, our technical possibilities became almost limitless. Today we are already represented in 7 federal states.

More than 100 employees at 4 locations support the modernization and digitization of public administration every day.  With the worldwide computer revolution, our initial vision became a clear mission that from then on constantly propelled us to new heights and continues to drive us forward.

The mission to support cities and municipalities as well as associations on their way to digitization in all technical, organizational and personnel matters helping, solution-oriented and uncomplicated.

To take away their shyness about the rapidly developing digitalization and to lead their city and municipal administration into the already begun future in a user-friendly way.